antipodes café series

Cornerstone ceremony 2015 + æ information centre

On September 11th an in the frame of Oslo Kulturnatt 2015, we unveiled the cornerstone of the project antipodes café DEG15 celebrating the official address assigned by Oslo Kommune (Dronning Eufemias gate 15) and also celebrating the plot where it was going to be placed in 2016 thanks to the support of Oslo S Utvikling.

The cornerstone has engraved the logo of our organization “antipodes café” and the location and year “Stasjonsallmeningen 2015“. From it stands a 2m galvanised steel tube ended with a double side reflective white sign with black official traffic characters presenting the address in a short way: DEG15

The number 15, officially assigned by the local authorities in July 8th 2015, was chosen by antipodes café celebrating the year we got the plot after a long processes, and also because 15 is the number of the age celebrated in almost the whole America for introducing a girl into society. A wink about Oslo upon entering a stage of certain maturity where the town is behind and the city ahead.

During the Cornerstone ceremony, a comment on the concealment of many cultural institutions from their starting point, we opened “antipodes café information center“. A temporary office where we shared information about the project in diverse specific meetings previous to the construction of antipodes café DEG15 in February 2016. Then, the office was removed but the cornerstone remained firm until the demounting of the project in December 2016.

Each new space of the antipodes café series will include this or new cornerstones.


Oslo S Utvikling
Vedal AS