antipodes café is a tiny nonprofit organisation based in Oslo, Norway, exploring everyday life on a daily basis by continuously developing multifarious cultural situations, projects and comments towards infinite possibilities.

it currently runs with a basic administration including external accountancy revision and defined honoraria for the working time of its active members. each project has independent plans for arriving to their sustainable development and investments in both the organisation and its projects come from diverse sources including both private and public sectors.


honoraria are based in the regulated minimum wage in Norway for unskilled workers without any experience of construction work as a maximum.


investments in antipodes café and its projects, arrive from the organisation members, and from tangible support from public and private sectors, while emotional support arrives from here and there, including unexpected sources. And it is heartily welcomed!


donations to antipodes café are welcome too. You can just fill the form included in this page or use the one on our page on Facebook. But if you prefer another way to contribute with us, please feel free to contact us. We will kindly reward each and every donation. Thanks.

antipodes café
Cultura Bank: 12540606623
IBAN: NO3812540606623
BIC (routing): DNBANOKK

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