Skape / Se

Skape” (Eng. Create) is a platform to explore in the current Norwegian flag as well as to create new flags that can be shared and randomly appear in the platform called “Se” (Eng. View).

Both platforms are currently online and take part in the exhibitions related to the project “Utforsking av norges flagg” (Eng. Explorations in the Norwegian flag) with an installation defined in the specific place of the gallery, by using screens and computers, projections, tablets, etc. Preferable in low possition allowing both adults and kids to participate, as well to people in wheelchairs. All shared flags are shown during the exhibition without any censorship, allowing all those who want to take part of the show to do it. The platform allows signed or anonymous participation.

We also use this artwork at the end of the workshops related to this project at diverse schools around Norway.

The installation including artworks “Skape” and “Se” was presented in the exhibitions:


v 2.0 – 2015.08
v 1.0 – 2014.03


Francisco Magnone (


antipodes café
Alex Asensi