“Memoria” is an artwork presented in shows about the project “Utforsking av norges flagg” (Eng. Explorations in the Norwegian Flag) and it is based in covering windows of the exhibition room or institution where the show in held.

In the exhibition Utforksing av Norges flagg #1, at Tenthaus Oslo, Oslo, Norway 2014, one of the two windows of the room was covered by a plate of OSB wood engraved with information about the show as well as a hole related to the Norwegian flag. This wood was taken from garbage, and was used before to cover a window after the terrorist attack in Oslo, by an ultranationalist Norwegian. Six years after, several windows in the area of the bombing are still covered with same wood.

“Memoria” is a subtle memorial developed with the greatest respect to all victims of this attacks.


antipodes café


Broderi Laser Eksperten AS
Stephan Schröeder