Utforsking av Norges Flagg #2

In the frame of the 90 anniversary of the Svalbard treaty, antipodes café presented the second exhibition of the project “Explorations in the Norwegian flag”.

The exhibition included:

  • A timeline of the historical development of the Norwegian flag, including official suggestions from various periods.
  • An installation presenting more than 500 Proposals of personal flags made in workshops, related to the project, at diverse schools around the country.
  • An interactive installation called “Endre”, where the current Norwegian flag could be explored by the visitors.
  • An interactive installation where visitors were allowed to develop their own flag, or see the flag designed by others.
  • Windows of the gallery were covered, as a gesture reminding the windows of Oslo, covered after the terrorist attack in Oslo, by an ultranationalist Norwegian which six years after, many are still covered.

The exhibition was open the same day as the 90 anniversary of the Svalbard treaty and was promoted and covered by local media.

“Utforsking av Norges flagg” is a project started in 2012, that will imply diverse stages until 2021, including workshops for kids, urban interventions, exhibitions, publications an open dialogue in media and a website, with a platform for exploring in the Norwegian flag and results takes part of the exhibitions.


The first flag related to Norway dates back to the monarch periods of the XIV century. Since then, different flags saw the sky in a process which carried out several debates, publications and proposals, including a green and grey one promoted by Christian Frederik in 1814, just a few months before the inclusion of an article in the second constitution expressing that Norway should have its own flag determined by law. The flag was selected in 1821, but its complete adoption in land and all seas wasn’t until the beginning of the next century, in which it was also banned during the German occupation of Norway. After those years, the use of the flag has grown exponentially as well as immigration. According to SSB, in 2016 more than 12% of the total population is currently member of religious and life stance communities outside the Church of Norway.

As flags, people and lands never stand still, and thus not history.

EXHIBITION Utforsking av Norges flagg #2

Project presented: Utforsking av Norges flagg. (Eng. Explorations in the Norwegian flag)
Artistic Director Galleri Svalbard: Jan Martin Berg


antipodes café


Alex Asensi
antipodes café

SUPPORT Digitalt platform “UNF – Skape og Se”

KULTURRÅDET – Art and New Technology 2015


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