Other project


“Reshow” is a simple parallel project based on collecting materials used at diverse exhibitions, and reusing them in new shows, situations and/or projects.

Reused materials include wood, screws, carpets, artificial grass, pedestals, fences, printed fabrics, lights and so many things that take part in exhibitions.

Until now we arranged with the Design and Architecture Institute of Norway (DOGA) and took materials that were going to be cast away from 3 exhibitions (Arbeid pågår 2014, “Stakkars-oss som bor i Oslo” 2015, and Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016). After storing, we reuse some of those materials in diverse projects including: Satire Seminar arranged at the National Library in Oslo 2015, antipodes café DEG15 2016, the open workshop and urban intervention “dispose” made with Basurama at æDEG15 and antipodes café Stue 2017.

We also collected and stored diverse debris from the exhibition space at the information centre from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration placed in Bjørvika and closed in 2013. Several exhibition spots collected from that place were donated to Tenthaus Oslo in 2017 after noticing the compatibility with their new luminaire rails. Two pretty poster pavement signs from that place were reused with hand made posters for projects: Pingpongo at Oslo Fjørd festival -2015-, antipodes café DEG15 -2016- and antipodes café Stue -2017-.

We assiduously reuse materials from own projects, and we are open to contribute with others. In that way, artificial grass from our intervention “utforsking av Norges flagg” develop in Oslo in 2014, reused in the projects Pingpongo VIP Championship at Kulturhuset UT in Youngstorget and in antipodes café DEG15, was later donated to the floating Sauna, placed right infront of the Opera in Oslo. We also contributed with that project by donating the carpets used in exhibitions at antipodes café DEG15.

In an ideal case, the project evolves into a system of recollection-transport-inventory-storage with a warehouse facilitating others to count –gratis–with those materials for their own non-profitable exhibitions and cultural spaces. This storage can be the one of the æHouse called “antipodes café Bod“.