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æ House is formed by a group of Venues of the antipodes café Series, scattered on different encounters of the city with construction sites, created as singular domestic units around the idea of a typical part of a generic house, such as living room, kitchen, rooms, studio, parking, storage, garden, terrace… now open to the public as ephemeral gratuitously driven cafés.


Each part of the æ House is temporary, movable and distant from the other ones in time and space. Hence, the city become the corridors of this scattered house, where to traverse from venue to venue, from one activity to another.


Each venue should be:

  • placed in relation to a border of a construction site [ ]
  • distinguishable from the construction site [ I N ]
  • accessible from the city [ O U T ]

Venues can stand alone:

  • in ground level [placed or parked]
  • raised in some way —for example, in areas used for parking or entrance of workers.

Venues can also be placed in relation to:

  • existing structures of the construction sites (such as containers used for storage)
  • temporary installations (such as groups of huts)
    — This addendum can reduce costs dramatically, but can present difficulties to create the independent access from the city [OUT].
  • possibilities are infinite, there’s always a solution.

Once a suitable location, and time frame is defined with all those in charge of an area under construction, the context is analysed for defining the function of the venue and its design is presented to local authorities for building permits and official address.

The design and specific programme of activities is also shared with diverse institutions, organisations, companies and individuals for arriving to a sustainable development of all parts and stages. Each venue is added in this website, social media and online maps and it is shared in diverse ways with neighbours, both residents and workers.


The use of prefabricated structures such as barracks, containers and mobile huts, proper of construction sites, helps to resolve the montage/de-montage in few days, to reduce costs and environmental impact, and furthermore, it invites to put an eye on the context as it is, to rediscover the areas under construction. In addition, the notorious contrast between the exterior of the venues, and the functions and programme developed inside, reinforces the interest of the whole series in the lived experience of a fictitious or fantastic character.


Once an established venue has to be removed from a plot,
the priority will be given to its relocation without discarding modifications—instead of making or buying a new venue—.

When it’s not possible to relocate a venue, materials can be reused for creating a new one.


With care in the fusion of fiction with reality, the distinction in relation to the context is initially made with identificative colour and signs, placed in a subtle way but highlighting the venue as a delicate attractor, just recognisable at first glance by inquiring minds. This colour system enforces each venue as part of a network, visually recognisable through the urban landscape.
Each venue and activity is presented in a wide range of ways, varying from case to case. Besides this, for presenting the case and the whole series, antipodes café specifically invites groups—with interest in implied topics, such as architecture or urban planning schools, authorities related to city, artist and all kind of cultural agents—and participate in diverse academic and other institutional instances. Each venue can include the production of specific materials such as postcards, programmes, signs, posters, catalogues and so on, which are presented according to the case and context. Far from massive impersonal promotion with its measurable success, antipodes café gives priority to soft encounters where communication means fusion of voices; where neighbourhood requires perception and therefore involvement.


Venues are accessible on specific opening hours for basic activities according to each function, following a predefined schedule. For example, lunch in the kitchen, research and management in the studio, reading or watching a movie in the living room, and so on.

Each venue won’t be open full time, and in addition, opening hours can be easily coordinated with the characteristics of the area and the construction site.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:00 Rom Rom Rom Rom Rom Rom Rom
10:00 Studio Studio Studio Studio Studio Studio
11:00 Bod
13:o0 Kitchen Kitchen Stue Stue Kitchen Stue Kitchen
14:00 Studio
15:00 Studio Studio
16:00 Rom Z
17:00 Stue Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen
18:00 Rom Z
19:00 Kitchen Stue Kitchen
20:00  KKK
21:00 Rom Rom Rom Rom Rom Rom Rom

UNDER CONSTRUCTION :-) come back soon

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  • Plot: definition
  • Stored in Bjørvika
  • Montage Rostockgata_99 Oslo
  • Open
  • Move
  • Plot definition
  • Montage
ROM X – Garden
  • Stored in Bjørvika
ROM Z – Playroom

"antipodes café House" is perhaps our most evident homage to Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara and his concepts of “discrete city” and “experimental house”, luckily known firsthand in the beginning of this century. Towards infinite possibilities, all ways, 乾杯!


æ Stue

Land (2017-2019)
  Grant 2016 Montage (2o17)


Institut français de Norvège
Scandinavian Business Seating

æ Gjesterom

Demo Content

æ Kjøkken

Demo Content

æ Rom X

Demo Content

æ Studio

Project Support 2018
URO 2018
Oslo S Utvikling

æ Rom Y

Demo Content

æ Bod

Demo Content

æ Rom Z

Demo Content

æ House

æ Kjøkken

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