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July 08 - July 14
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    19:00 -21:30
    antipodes café Stue
    Rostockgata 99, 0194 Oslo, Norway

    Unannounced french movie. Yes, surprise…



    Why unannounced?
    · We like surprises

    Why just French movies?
    · We like surprises

    Are movies just in french?
    · Not always.

    · Subtitles?
    – English

    · 19:00 sharp?
    – Yes
    (but send a message if you arrive few minutes later and we can wait…). If you arrive and movie is going on, you can enter anyway and ask… we can pause and tell you little bit, or enjoy it from there, as you like.

    · How much it cost?
    – GRATIS mon amour, as everything at antipodes café Stue.

    · Are films “OK” for Kids and adolescents?
    – Movies are different from Tuesday to Tuesday, so, right before screening we tell those “Certifications” and “Parent Guides” if are needed to be told, or we choose another film.
    On the same hand, Saturdays are days where we share films, cartoons and alike, for all audiences.

    · Why french movies are so slow?
    – Good question, we can talk about afterwords if you are not in a hurry…

    · Movie can be paused if i need to go to toilet?
    – Of course.

    · Popcorn?
    – No thanks.

    · Where is antipodes café Stue?
    – Rostockgata 99, 0194, Oslo. (included in google maps and open street maps) but send a message if you are lost around cranes, or if you have any other specific question.

    Takk: Institut français d’Oslo

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    Watching the radio (global warming 2018)

    19:00 -22:00
    antipodes café Stue
    Rostockgata 99, 0194 Oslo, Norway

    summertime and the living-room is a space for watching the radio while waiting for the sunset.

    In the first years without FM in Norway, we celebrate the Radio in itself. Orbiting your living room, copilot of taxi drivers and road runners filling eager ears at recondite stations. Ignoring fences, weather and time, the Radio forsake us simultaneously together as distant. “Watching the radio” presents radio programs from far off cities, screened at “antipodes café Stue”.

    THURSDAYS (7pm until sunsets) Time for listening radios from around the world while perhaps watching live streaming from those places…


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    Cinematiné (global warming 2018)

    19:00 -21:00
    antipodes café Stue
    Rostockgata 99, 0194 Oslo, Norway

    summertime and the living-room is a space for playing around, turn it upside down, watching unannounced cartoons, animations, movies or short movies and then sunsets… Yes, all kids under 117 years old are welcome!

    global warming “CINEMATINÉ” hours until August 25th is quite simple: Saturdays from 7pm until sunset.

    antipodes café Stue
    Rostockgata 99, 0194, Oslo, Norge


    Institut français de Norvège