Concert for machines #2 – Dani Umpi

The second of four concert for machines arranged by antipodes café during 2016, was performed by Dani Umpi in a parade starting from Sukkerbiten towards antipodes café DEG15. During the concert, Dani presented new songs from the upcoming album Lechiguana.


“Parangolés Rígidos” by Dani Umpi


Jens Bastian Aamodt, Michael Aspli, Dina Elvehaug, Bodil Hindrum, Ornilia Percia Ubisse, Elin S. Johansen


Borowiak Photography + antipodes café


“Tres pasos” Sexydance Remix.


“More Maxo -Remixes Mormazo-“(2016, Contrapedal Records)


Kulturhuset i Oslo
Høydespesialisten AS
Thon Hotel Opera
Contrapedal Records
Syd Krochmalny
Alvaro Miranda
Oslo Pride


by Syd Krochmalny

“In the beginning there was performance, and then everything else. This principle not only applies to 20th century avant-garde performers, but also to promiscuous, pagan symbolists like Dani Umpi.

In a rare synthesis, Dani Umpi engenders characters with an approach analogous to Cindy Sherman, explores the conceptual-sensorial participation of the audience in the vein of Lygia Clark, while scrutinizing the mainstream, folk, and avant-garde world in a manner akin to Helio Oiticica.

Dani’s world is a Tropical Neo-Concrete repertoire amalgamated by a glitzy conceptualist. Dani is not only a popular iconographer, but also aspires to become a “mainstream experimentalist”, an oxymoronic, genetic crossover between Yoko Ono, and Cris Morena.

Dani’s work encompasses collage, cabaret, music, literature, and visual art which modulate between the culture industry, and popular culture. The manufacture of a popstar persona has enable Umpi to compose songs, while melodramatic procedures sets a framework under which he writes novels akin to the works of Manuel Puig, and Hebe Uhart.

Dani’s poetic sensibilities have enable him to style paintings, and installations out of paper which become interwoven on stage through a kaleidoscopic turmoil to form his onstage costumes, and scenography. His books, which serve as the basis of his songs, deal with subject matters such as love, friendship, and the ridicule.

Dani Umpi overflows with pop-culture references, geometric motifs, archetypes, and esoteric symbolism. Dani’s process deconstructs the ideological discourse while replacing it with chromatic scales, and random speech patterns.

Dani Umpi transmutes the cut and sew of his costumes from the inane discourse present in glossy magazines further depriving them of both shape, and meaning. The easiest way to categorize Dani’s universe is within the realm of pop, even though; he is without a doubt a romantic revivalist of glam-trash, pastiche, and carioca. Truly a Duchamp of artistic self-help.”

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016


Born in Tacuarembó, Uruguay, 1974.
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



2017 Rosario Bléfari y Dani Umpi en Casa Brandon (Contrapedal)
2016 More Maxo -Remixes Mormazo- (Contrapedal)
2015 Piano Vol. II -with Álvaro Sánchez- (Contrapedal)
2014 Piano Vol. I -with Álvaro Sánchez- (Contrapedal)
2013 Hijo único -with Sofía Oportot and Ignacio Redard
2011 Mormazo (Contrapedal/EMI Music/Crack)
2009 Dramática -with Adrián Soiza- (Contrapedal/Los años luz)
2005 Perfecto (Contrapedal/Secsy Music/EMI Labels)


2014 A Rainha da Beleza -with Gustavo Bitencourt- (Itaú Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
2014 Parangolés rígidos (Malba, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2014 Parangolés rígidos (Casa de la Cultura Mario Quintana, Porto Alegre, Brazil)
2014 Piano (Yoo, Punta del Este, Uruguay)
2012 Marta, the musical -author and director- (Teatro Argentino de La Plata, Argentina)
2012 Dani Umpi Piano (First Biennial of Montevideo, Uruguay)
2010 FODA (Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil)
2009 Nena, no robarás -author and composer with Javier Vaz Martins– (Centro Cultural Rojas de Bs. As., Argentina)


2014 Dani Umpi (Galerie Xippas, Paris, France)
2014 Dani Umpi (Xippas Arte Contemporáneo, Punta del Este, Uruguay)
2013 Informática (Xippas Arte Contemporáneo, Montevideo, Uruguay)
2011 La evolución del ser (Galería Soa, Montevideo, Uruguay)
2011 Eterna (Galería Daniel Abate, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2010 Todo incluido (Galería Jacob Karpio, San José, Costa Rica)
2010 Nem Luxo, Nem Lixo (Galería OZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2009 Superbacana (Plataforma -Ministry of Education and Culture-, Montevideo, Uruguay)


2012 El Gran Sur, First Biennial of Montevideo, Uruguay
2010 Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil


2013 Un poquito tarada, novel (Editions Planeta)
2011 El vestido de mamá, children’s book -with illustrations byRodrigo Moraes- (Editions Criatura)
2010 La vueltita ridícula, selection of poems (Editions Vestales)
2010 Niño rico con problemas, book of fairy tales (Editions La Propia Cartonera)
2006 Sólo te quiero como amigo ( Editions Interzona/Editions Estruendo Mudo)
2004 Miss Tacuarembó (Editions Interzona)
2003 Aún soltera (Editions Eloisa Cartonera/Editions Mansalva)