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antipodes café stue

Address Rostockgata 99, 0194, Oslo, Norway
Opening hours By appointment or by activity. check the Programe

Since 2013, antipodes café works in an homonym series of temporary urban interventions in the encounter between construction sites and the city. Series which also delve into the definition of a gratuitously driven contemporary coffeehouse and the use of this meeting point as a domestic space and vice versa.

From 2017 on, æ-series projects will continue in the exploration of the three mentioned topics, by disseminating concrete parts of a house presented as particular coffeehouses melted in this accessible borders of construction sites.

The first domestic space to open as part of this series will be the living-room, called “antipodes café stue”.

This encounter of public and private currently count with an accessible passageway with a temporary byway and grass sidewalk with public lighting.

antipodes café stue is formed by the 2 ground floor barracks from “antipodes café DEG15” with a rooftop terrace. 

Besides this installation, being in itself a sculptural intervention that highlights the rough beauty of what should not be there but is, “antipodes café stue” is open on daily basis for diverse domestic activities such as reading, watching movies, listening radio, etc.

“Everyone has the right to rest and leisure.”

M. 17:00 > 18:00 Text Time! One hour for reading our books, or yours
T. 19:00 > Cinemate Unannounced french movies, tea & mate 
W. 13:00 > 17:00 Watching the Radio Live sessions from Hong Kong Community Radio. -diverse djs. and musicians-
T. 15:00 > 17:00 Watching the Radio Live screenings and radios from around the globe
S. 13:00 > 15:00 Cinematiné Unannounced movies or short movies for kids under 1117 years old

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PBE Case: 201706661
Address: Rostockgata 99, 0194, Oslo, Norway (Map)
Gårds/ Bruksnr: 234/119
Status: Permits granted, case closed (View case)

2017.06.13 Ferdigattest  Ferdigattest PBE

Søknad om ferdigattest

 Søknad om ferdigattest
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antipodes café

Sak 201706661 har fått saksbehandler

E-postmelding PBE

Tillatelse til tiltak

 Tillatelse PBE
2017.05.01 Henvendelse er mottatt og registrert med saksnummer: 201706661  E-postmelding PBE
2017.04.27 til PBE  E-postmelding antipodes café
2017.04.27 til PBE Telefon antipodes café
2017.04.27 til PBE E-postmelding PBE
2017.04.27 Signert søknad, leieavtale og opplysninger gitt i nabovarsel  Avtale om disponering av tomteareal og kart


 Søknad om tiltak uten ansvarsrett

 Opplysninger gitt i nabovarsel

antipodes café
2017.04.26 Søknad om tilak uten ansvarsrett  Søknad om tiltak uten ansvarsrett


 Kvittering for nabovarsel

 Kvittering for nabovarsel 2 (HAV Eiendom)

 Opplysninger gitt i nabovarsel




 Plan 1 og terrasse



antipodes café
2017.06.19 Informasjon om tildeling av midlertidig adresse til ny bebyggelse. Saksnr: 201708330. Vedtatt adresse: Rostockgata 99 Epost/brev i PBE
2017.06.14 Kontakt om oppdatering i saken. Saksnr: 201708330 Epost - via PBEs nettsider antipodes café
2017.05.26 Anmodning av midlertidig adresse: antipodes café Stue (Tildelt saksnummer: 201708330 og saksbehandler) Epost antipodes café
2017.05.16 Kontakt OSU om adresse. Telefon antipodes café
2017.05.15 Kontakt PBE om adresse. Nærmeste er Sørenga 8 Telefon antipodes café


2017.04.27 Avtale om disponering av tomteareal (Møte hos OSU) Kontrakt antipodes café + OSU
2017.03.29 Befaring tomteareal Møte i Bispevika B9 antipodes café + OSU + Vedal AS
2017.03.13 Forslag til plassering E-postmelding fra OSU
2017.03.06 Forslag til plassering og skisseringer E-postmelding
fra antipodes café
2017.03.05 E-postmelding fra OSU
2017.02.27 E-postmelding fra antipodes café
2016.10.26 Møte om æ-DEG16 og Bispevika Møte i æ-DEG15 antipodes café + OSU
2016.10.06 Møte om Bispevika Møte i æ-DEG15 antipodes café + OSU

  Grant 2016 Montage
Institut français de Norvège