antipodes café studio

Address Under definition.
Time Process started in January 2017.
Opening Hours By appointment or by activity. To be open asap.

Since 2013, antipodes café works in an homonym series of temporary urban interventions in the encounter between construction sites and the city. Series which also delve into the definition of a gratuitously driven contemporary coffeehouse and the use of this meeting point (related to the consumption of the world’s second most valuable traded commodity -behind only petroleum-) as a domestic space and vice versa.

From 2017 on, æ-series projects will continue in the exploration of the three mentioned topics, by disseminating concrete parts of a house presented as particular coffeehouses melted in this accessible borders of construction sites.

Highlighting antipodes cafe’s interest in sharing processes with total transparency, the second domestic space to be open will be “antipodes café studio”.  Its shape consist basically in the reuse of the top barrack from the stage “antipodes café DEG15“, which was also used as a studio.

This urban intervention will be a core place for continuing with the series. It will be a research centre about the implied topics with coffee, where visitors will be able to get more information about antipodes café, its work, and information that usually is behind scenes, such as economical plans, references, sketches, etc.

It is part of the plan the use of this space as a classroom for a course related to the whole series and implied topics, as well as for specific workshops related to this and other projects.

2017.05 Under definition