• Address TBD
  • Color
  • Location / Region Norway/ Oslo
  • Venue antipodes café Bod

Another part of æHouse is the storage room and a parking space.

Located in an encounter of a construction site and the city already built, as all parts of æHouse, but with the radical difference that æBod does not open to the public on daily basis. æBod is basically a container just used when is needed for storing, collecting materials, as well as for picking and a parking space for a small van adjacently or close by to help the move of materials. Avoiding pollution, the van is used just when it is unavoidable. This functional character allows the placement of æBod in distant locations from the other venues.

Supporting a sustainable development and reduction of environmental impact, æBod is the storage space for things coming from the parallel project “Reshow“. A simple system of recollection-transport-inventory-storage of debris materials from exhibitions at cultural centres, to be reused for the development of venues and situations from æSeries, as well as other nonprofit cultural projects and exhibitions both from antipodes café as well as from other cultural actors. All materials are available online for further coordination by distance, and all movements in-situ are coordinated in advance with the manager of the construction site, to avoid any kind of setback for anyone.

Materials are usually delicate, including wood, screws, carpets, artificial grass, pedestals, printed fabrics, promotional materials, paint, lights and so many things that take part in exhibitions and usually end up in trash cans.

1. antipodes café also reuse materials from construction sites, for example, barracks from æStue and æStudio were used before by the Norwegian Road Authorities while building the Opera-tunnel and Dronning Eufemias gate in Oslo, and the wooden terrace and access of æStue was made with debris from the construction site of Barcode, Oslo.

2. Van is currently parked in Gamlebyen, Oslo. Diverse materials are stored in several places, while the container should be defined.