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A full page in the catalogue for selling an apartment included this picture with a, let’s say, breakfast in bed. It was taken in the bedroom where now the image cover its window. Color wise it suits very well with the building façade.
Material used is perforated vinyl allowing to be removed easily and moreover reversibility it allows to see outside from inside but not viceversa. So no need of adding curtains as in all other apartments.
In front of this window a stair from a company building. Workers face this representative image on daily basis.

Perhaps possible buyers get the feeling/style of the place by this image? Why to include this image and not one from the storage room? Is a breakfast in bed a symbol of what? not working in the mornings? Why a croissant and a cupcake and not a local bun? as it is for one person… they tried to show that you can use the place alone? many questions.
luxury, internationality , individuality.

Photo “croissant”