Potatoslo !

Thanks to Flatbread Society, upcoming ñoquis this 29th at Kulturhuset will be made with potatoes from the first year harvest at Losæter, Oslo !

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Talk “Vayan pelando las papas”

So Saturday 29th, while making ñoquis, we will give a talk for a group of Uruguayan architecture students that are visiting Oslo, in their incredible study trip around the world. This trip is totally unbelievable, it is arranged since 1947, and this year like 260 students are taking part.

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På lørdag er du velkommen til å bli med på både laging, spising og prating på Kulturhuset, og ñoquis er gratis!

Servering starter kl 14, men er du der kl 12 kan du lære deg ñoqui-kunsten.

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The second semester of PINGPONGO NORGE is ready to meet you. Please register and see you in Kulturhuset i Oslo this 28th!

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Lecture “designating design”

Nice to receive an invitation by Westerdals – Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology to do a short lecture for students of “Experience & Event Design”.

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“Utforsking av Norges flagg – Utstilling” åpning

Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Svalbard treaty entering into force, antipodes café presents the second solo show “Utforsking av Norges flagg”.

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Nail it!

Time to mount the second exhibition of our project “Utforsking av Norges flagg”. Now in Galleri Svalbard, Longyearbyen.

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There is PINGPONGO after summer !

Today we had a nice talk to Kulturhuset people –as usual– and we arranged dates for upcoming PINGPONGO NORGE tournaments for the rest of the year. All events from 7pm to aprox. 11pm Prepare your outdoor-life calendar and remember to sign in before each event: AUG. 28. SEP. 24. OCT. 22. NOV. 19. DEC. 10.

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Pingpongo Fest – Now in 3D !!!

Introducing the first world experience of PINGPONGO in 3D!!! We will stay until 4 in a nice tent at the Oslo fjordfest at sukkerbiten . Gratis luxus!

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antipodes café i Oslo

– Defining venue according to changes in the definition of land. (after comments from HAV Eiendom about the current location of the temporary path between plot B1 and B2
– Waiting for confirmation from neighbours (nabovarsel – Byggesøknad).
– Preparing cornerstone fest (Sep.11th.2015 in the frame of Kulturnatt Oslo and the exhibition “Funcionamiento Fracturado” at the MACMO project, Uruguay.)
– Preparing initial programme, sustainability and sponsorship plan.
– Preparing presentations for grants.
– Defining personal.
– Researching about the use of solar energy in Oslo

antipodes café is a NON profitable artist run centre to be open during 2015 in Bjørvika.
Project selected in late 2013 by Kulturetaten Kunst i Oslo.
It will be located precisely in Dronning Eufemias gate 15, thanks to the support from Bjørvika Infrastruktur AS, Oslo S Utvikling and VEDAL who are allowing antipodes café to be placed in this specific plot.

Workshops and presentations

• AUG. 29. “vayan pelando las papas” Talk, Kulturhuset i Oslo, Oslo, Norge. **
• AUG. 21. “designating design” Lecture, Westerdals, Oslo, Norge.
• APR. 17. “with and not for” Lecture, Usandizaga, San Sebastian, Basque Country.*
• APR. 16-17. “GARBIBAI 2015″ Workshop, San Sebastian, Basque Country. *

*Activities supported by the Office of Contemporary Art Norway -OCA-
** Activity for architect students from Uruguay visiting Oslo.

• NOV. 28. “Ráfagas de diseño”, IV Iberoamerican Design Biennial, Matadero Madrid, Spain.
• NOV. 26. “with and not for”, Escuela superior de diseño, Madrid, Spain.
• NOV. 24. “Urban intervensjon – muligheter når målet er midlertidlighet”. Plankonferansen 2014 Dag 2, Statens vegvesen, Thon Hotel Opera, Oslo, Norway.
• NOV. 16. “antipodes café work in GARBIBAI”. Seminar “Basura O”, Centro Cultural de España, Montevideo, Uruguay.
• NOV. 03. “Utforsking av Norges flagg. barneworkshop, Singsaker Skole, Trondheim Norway.
• OCT. 30. “Utforsking av Norges flagg. barneworkshop, Gyllenborg Skole, Tromsø, Norway.
• OCT. 27. “Utforsking av Norges flagg. barneworkshop, Kirkenes Barneskole, Kirkenes, Norway.
• OCT. 24. “Utforsking av Norges flagg. barneworkshop, Elvebakken Skole, Alta, Norway.
• OCT. 22. “Utforsking av Norges flagg. barneworkshop, Karl Johan Minneskole, Kristiansand, Norway.
• OCT. 17. “Utforsking av Norges flagg, barneworkshop, Nordnes Skole, Bergen, Norway.
• OCT. 15. “appropriations and public art” Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway.
• OCT. 15. “Utforsking av Norges flagg”, barneworkshop, Auglend Skole, Stavanger, Norway.
• OCT. 09. “Utforsking av Norges flagg”, barneworkshop, Longyearbyen Skole, Svalbard, Norway.



• AUG. 28. Friday — 19:00 Youngstorget, Oslo.
• SET. 24. Thursday — 19:00 Kulturhuset i Oslo.
• OCT. 22. Thursday — 19:00 Kulturhuset i Oslo.
• NOV. 5. Thursday — 19:00 Kulturhuset i Oslo.
• DEC. 10. Thursday — 19:00 Kulturhuset i Oslo.

• JUL18. Saturday (“Pingpongo Fest” practice day) — 12:00 Oslo Fjordfest, Sukkerbiten
• MAY 20. Pingpongo Euskadi – Pingpongo Garbibai exhibition. Gartziategi, Donostia San Sebastian, Basque Country. (collaboration w/Gondolin Klub)
• MAR 26. Pingpongo Norge “Evolution Tournament”, Kulturhuset i Oslo.
• NOV. 28. Pingpongo Madrid tournament, Espacio Ucrania, Madrid Community. (collaboration w/Alberto Nanclares)
• NOV. 24. Pingpongo Uruguay tournament, CCE-Montevideo, Uruguay. (w/Pingpongo Uruguay)
• NOV. 17-24. Pingpongo. Exhibition, CCE-Montevideo, Uruguay.

More info: pingpongo.no



• APR. 9. > MAY 17. “dorf”
Guest artist: Pfelder (GER)
Instructions “Do it again” by: Rosemarie Trockel / Felix González Torres. (*)

Non profitable artist run spaces located in toilets of coffeehouses/bars.

Run by antipodes café DO GALLERI presents solo exhibitions by artists that are invited to create works based on instructions from another artist, that were made for the open exhibition model “Do it” by the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The first DO GALLERI is located at KASCHK Berlin (2015).

More info: dogalleri.org

Utforsking av Norges Flagg

• AUG. 14. > SEP. 11 > “UNF – Utstilling”, solo show, Galleri Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Norway.
• JUN. “UNF – Skape” Selected for support by Kulturrådet for upgrade.
• MAR. “UNF – Barneworkshoper” selected by Utdanningsetaten, Oslo kommune to be part of the DKS programme 2015/2016.

More info: antipodescafe.org/norgesflagg


• AUG. 29. 14:00 to 17:00 Kulturhuset UT, Youngstorget, Oslo, Norway.

Each 29 we arrange meetings where we serve ñoquis and talk about traditions.

Ñoquis are various thick, soft dough dumplings.
antipodes café ñoquis includes:
– 1kg potatoes
– 1 egg
– 1 tiny spoon salt (optional)
– 500 gr. flour (250 gr. to be used for cooking, 250 gr. to be used in the table)

peel, boil with salt (optional) and mash the potatoes, add the egg and mix.
wait until is not that warm and add flour mixing with both hands until you have a nice dough that you can handle to roll 1cm ø cylinders.
After you have several cylinders you can cut them in half inch (yes, 1,22 cm aprox.)
So, once you have tons of this small things you can use the fork to make the shape, well, that not the easy part to explain in text so join us next time and learn!



Run by antipodes café RESHOW is a project with the aim of reuse materials from exhibitions in new exhibitions and/or diverse cultural activities.

The first RESHOW project implied the exhibition “Stakkars oss” held in the Norsk design- og arkitektursenter “DogA” in late 2014, and the satire seminar develop by the Deichmanske Bibliotek at the Nasjonalbiblioeteket in Oslo during May 11th 2015.

Thanks to DogA and our friend Gunnar as well as to Stakkars oss, Deichmanske bibliotek and Nasjonalbiblioteket.

VIDEOS presented in this home page were made by the co-director of antipodes café in his previous studio (USTED). Songs by dearest Juan Stewart

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